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Monday, 18 February 2019
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Are We Green?

Trulie An Event Inc.

We have taken several humble steps to be as environmentally friendly as possible!

None of these steps have adversely affected doing business (or living) at all.

A few of the steps we have taken include..

1: Our home/office produces over (8)MWH of Solar Power each year which is roughly half the Electrical Power we normally use. This technology has offered us knowledge that also helped us reduce our electrical consumption by another 10-15%.

2: Our heating systems are Heat Pump (above 38 degrees F) and clean burning Propane (below 38 degrees F).

3: Our clothes dryers, cooktops and furnaces also utilize clean burning Propane.

3: We use recycled Wood Pellet Stoves in various places around our Home/Office that drastically reduces the amount of electrical or propane heat required (and they look so great).

4: We heat one of our garages with a Wood Stove (we burn tree limbs from dead oak trees on our property).

5: We utilize rain water off our roof for our gardens and pool that substantialy cuts down on the use of our well system that uses electricity (and reduces our water consumption from the aquifer).

6: Our electric Hot Water heaters are all on timers so they go off during low use hours.

7: We are printing much less material than in the past and using many more electronic documents. It is nearly impossible for us to stop using any paper in our business, but it is much less than years past.

8: Many of the lights in our office are now LED and Flourescent bulbs that utilize much less electricity.

9: Many of the lights we use for Events are LED and Low Voltage so we draw much less electricity than years past proior to the technologies that are now available.

10: We own 40-50 mpg small diesel cars and we use vegitable oil as fuel for a near zero carbon footprint in our tractor. 

11: When we have a choice, we will use whatever vehicle will give the best fuel milage.

12: Some of our electronic systems in our office are on timers that turn off during times of no use.

13: We are recycling products and materials as much as possible.

14: Trying to do our part.







Everything was so much more than we expected! The wedding turned out to be the absolute best I ha
-  Dominic (Father of the Bride)  -

Hans and Julie:
Wow - What a wonderful event last night!

-  Linda in Human Resources  -

Hans and Julie of Trulie an Event were the biggest blessing we could have had on our wedding day.
-  Bride Olivia  -

Hans,  It was one of our best trips,for many reasons. We logged 1000 miles
-  Carolyn K.  -